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Do you have objects in your home related to the 1960s?

Do you have diaries, photographs, letters, knitting or sewing patterns, old kitchen utensils, recipe books, magazines, table cloths, clothes, etc.?

Or do you have memories of everyday life in 1960s Ireland that you’d like to share?

If so, I’d like to hear from you!

The Modern Wife, Modern Life exhibition is part of a much bigger project that aims to record the experience of everyday life for women — not just wives — of different generations in 1960s Ireland.

Why participate?

Too often everyday life is overlooked in favour of leading personalities or political development, a problem compounded by the absence of an Irish equivalent of Britain’s Mass Observation Archive or Italy’s National Diary Archive. This is is an exciting opportunity to participate in the creation of a people’s history archive, and to leave a record of your life for your own family and for future generations.

Do I need to have been married in the 1960s?

No. The archive will record the memories of different generations of people who recall the 1960s. Participants do not have to have been housewives in that decade. If you can recall the 1960s, then you are welcome to contribute.

Can men participate?

Yes. Although this project is concerned with the everyday lives of Irishwomen, male perceptions, expectations and values are important in understanding the position of women in society.

How do I get involved?

You can get involved in one of three ways:

  1. Attend a road show event where you can find out more about the historical significance of your items and share your thoughts. (Please do not bring larger items, such as furniture, to road show events without contacting the organisers first). More details about the nationwide road show events can be found here; more nationwide events are due to be added.
  2. If you are part of a community or women’s group, contact me to arrange a talk with your members. Email:
  3. If you are an individual, email to arrange a personal meeting or to discuss your items.

What will happen?

Items will be digitised, and interviews recorded. With the permission of those involved, these will then be made publicly and widely available through a web-archive. There will be an option to place a time restriction on the release of materials.

This digital recorder will be used to scan and capture objects at road show events.
This digital recorder will be used to scan and capture objects at road show events.

Further Information

Email Ciara Meehan directly at, or fill in the contact form below: