Fund:It Supporters

FundIt successful

The crowd-funding site Fund:It was successfully used to raise money towards the cost of producing the exhibition. I owe a debt of gratitude to the people listed below and to the seven people who chose to remain anonymous for their kind donations, which will help make this exhibition possible.

To each of you, THANK YOU!

Leah Astbury
Margaret Ayres
Barbara Barclay
Dee Blake
Leanne Blaney
Niall Brophy
Fiona Buckley
Graham Butler
Joan Byrne
Gavin Byrne
Cerrie Byrne
Sean Byrne
Mark Callaghan
Enda Carroll
Brian Costello
Niamh Cullen
Owen Davies
P Denn
Paula Dennan
Darragh Doyle
Lynne Drea
Maximillian Dupenois
Jennife Evans
Elaine Farrell
Mairt Finan
Dara Flynn
Godot & Co
Alix Green
Lisa Marie Griffith
Liam Hogan
Charlotte Holloway
Eoin Jennings
Sarah Lloyd
Sean Lucey
Siobhan Mac Cumhaill
Andrew Madden
Anabel Marsh
Colin McCarthy
David McCullagh
Caroline McGee
Anne McMahon
Katy Milligan
Julie Moore
Jonathan Morris
Anne Murphy
Brian Murphy
Nicola Murphy
Katrina Navickas
Graham O’Neill
Kevin O’Sullivan
Theresa Reidy
Ailbhe Smyth
Justin Stover
Colleen Stover
Keith Sutherland
Jean Anne Sutton
Patrick Walsh
JA Young



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