LexIcon Library


On Tuesday evening, I took the road show to the LexIcon Library in Dún Laoghaire on Dublin’s south-side. This new library — officially opened only a few months — has the most amazing facilities. In addition to the extensive bookshelves and exhibition display areas, there’s a fantastic theatre where I set up my road show. The library has a fantastic series of events lined up; be sure to check them out here.

There was a great turnout, and it was wonderful to see some men and even some teenagers in the audience! Some of the themes that have emerged at the earlier roadshows were apparent yet again. It’s seems conclusive that, for a sizeable portion of Irish society, the ‘modern house’ depicted in the pages of women’s magazines in the 1960s was an aspirational, rather than a realistic, one. A new theme also emerged — that of foreign publications. It was interesting to hear the audience talk about their preference for imported publications. It seems that Woman and Woman’s Weekly — especially with their love stories — were more appealing than the Irish Woman’s Way or Woman’s Choice. Of Irish produced literature, the Irish Messenger publications were more commonly read among many of those present.

A range of items — from children’s books to photos to an amazing dress — were brought along by some of the women. The dress is really beautiful —- an item of clothing that I think stands the test of time! Thank you, Deirdre, for bringing it along and allowing me to photograph it for inclusion in the People’s Archive I am creating.

Ciara Meehan pictured with Deirdre Torpey and her 1962 dress.


I am extremely grateful to Marian Keyes, senior executive librarian, for making the event possible.

Next up: Greystones Library in Co Wicklow.