Sex Education

Woman's Way, July 1968
Woman’s Way, July 1968

One noticeable feature in the letters pages of women’s magazines in the 1960s was the lack of knowledge about sex and intimacy. The above letter to Woman’s Way from April 1968 about lovemaking in a car is just one such example of a lack of understanding about how pregnancy can occur. The letter to the right from a mature woman reveals how little some women understood about how their bodies worked.

Sex education was not covered in schools, and it is apparent from much of the correspondence that parents were reluctant to discuss the subject with their children. Information booklets were available, but they weren’t always accessible, particularly for those living in rural Ireland. For many, women’s magazines were a prime source of information.

Sex Advice in the Exhibition

This panel features in the 'Advice to Newly Married Wives' section of the exhibition.
This panel features in the ‘Advice to Newly Married Wives’ section of the exhibition. (Click on the panel to enlarge it).